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Hereditary tumors are rare. However, every cancer has a genetic cause.


What does this mean for diagnostics? How can tumor genetics support the diagnosis and treatment of cancer? Tumor diseases can be sporadic or hereditary. In most cases, cancer develops accidentally. Only about ten percent of all tumours are hereditary. And yet every cancer, whether sporadic or familial, has a genetic cause.

Several women with breast cancer on one side of the family? Or does bowel cancer occur frequently? Unusually early onset of the disease?

These could be indications of familial forms of cancer. The detection of genetic changes in the DNA can confirm a hereditary increased risk. This enables more closely meshed and intensive preventive examinations and provides important information for therapies.
For some genetic analyses, certain criteria must be fulfilled. Therefore, we need information on the indication criteria before a molecular genetic analysis. To download and print: The forms for the analysis of the BRCA genes or the diagnostics of the HNPCC genes.

What if the cancer is not hereditary?

In addition to the diagnosis of hereditary tumor diseases, we also investigate newly developed mutations in tumor cells. Somatic alterations are usually directly related to the development of the disease. In haematological neoplasia in particular, oncologists integrate our interdisciplinary diagnostics, consisting of special haematology, molecular genetics and fluorescence in-situ hybridization, for

  • the differential diagnostic evaluation,
  • the estimation of the forecast,
  • therapy planning and
  • the monitoring of the course of therapy.

Based on the genetic changes found in the tumour cells, doctors can adapt the therapy to the individual needs of patients. This improves the chances of recovery. And patients can be spared ineffective drugs that would strain the body.

In cooperation with Molecular Pathology Trier, we also offer molecular pathological diagnostics of solid tumors. 

If you have any questions about our tumor genetics, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Genetic counselling

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