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Understand and treat congenital mechanisms for heart disease with genetic testing

Young, athletic and suddenly unconscious? It is always scary to hear news of professional athletes being ripped out of their lives. In many cases, an inherited heart disease is the cause of sudden death. And in many cases a cardiomyopathy, a hereditary cardiac arrhythmia or a fat metabolism disorder could be diagnosed in advance. This is because a hereditary cause can be identified before it becomes a danger to health and life.

Do severe heart diseases occur more frequently in a family? Are cases of early, sudden cardiac death known? Are there any abnormal cardiac symptoms?

With the help of genetic testing, a diagnosis can now be quickly and effectively confirmed or ruled out. This information has enormous significance for patients and their relatives: the probability that close relatives of an index patient also exhibit the mutation is 50 percent for autosomal dominant inherited diseases. For this reason, guidelines recommend the integration of human genetics if there is suspicion or a positive family history. The early identification of all these diseases by genetic analysis can save lives.

The good news: For most people, sport is harmless and even beneficial to their health. 

In our comprehensive diagnostic spectrum you will find all known genes associated with hereditary heart diseases. We would be happy to talk to you about the pioneering use of our genetic diagnostics.

Genetic counselling

Make informed decisions. Read more about our genetic counselling at different locations in Ingelheim, Mainz and Worms.