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Find out. We assist you in clarifying hereditary endocrinopathies

A disturbed function of the hormone glands or the deficient effect of the hormones can be congenital. Many endocrine disorders can occur as part of a syndrome with multiple manifestations. Therefore, an accurate molecular diagnosis is important for optimizing treatment and identifying other manifestations of the syndrome for which the patient should be examined. Some features of sex development become apparent as early as puberty, others only in adulthood. If left untreated, endocrinopathies impair the physical and mental development of patients and can lead to severe organ damage. Even if there are no causal therapies yet, hereditary hormone disorders can usually be treated with timely diagnosis. And: With knowledge of the genetic causes and the hereditary pattern, risk carriers within a family can be identified at an early stage. Patients and their relatives receive valuable information on the risk of recurrence if they wish to have children.

Genetic counselling

Make informed decisions. Read more about our genetic counselling at different locations in Ingelheim, Mainz and Worms.