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Recognize and treat before they become loud - with our nephrogenetics


The kidney is a "quiet" organ. Diseases are often diagnosed late because a deterioration of the organ function is not directly noticeable by pain or clear symptoms. An early and clear diagnosis is crucial not only for optimal medical care, but also for your patients and their relatives.

Early identification and treatment is the key to avoiding or delaying the loss of kidney function. Thanks to the innovative possibilities of next-generation sequencing, we examine all genes associated with the disease in parallel. In this way, we can also detect diseases that were previously difficult or late to diagnose. This results in essential information for diagnosis, classification, prognosis and therapy. For example, aHUS: According to the guidelines of the European Study Group for HUS, genetic diagnostics are indicated to ensure adequate therapy (Eculizumab).

And: With knowledge of the genetic causes and the hereditary pattern, risk carriers within a family can be identified at an early stage. Patients and their relatives receive valuable information on the risk of recurrence if they wish to have children.


Genetic counselling

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