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You're going to be parents - the beginning of a very special time


The information about an existing pregnancy often changes everything for a couple. The health of mother and child is given top priority. Expectant parents want to do everything right and are quickly confronted with a multitude of possible examinations. But is everything that is possible also meaningful?

Prenatal diagnostics offers special examinations that go beyond the precautionary measures recommended in the maternity record. Prenatal diagnostics are used to search specifically for indications of possible malformations, chromosomal changes and hereditary diseases in the unborn child. The decision for or against certain tests is completely individual. Because as unique as every pregnancy is the need of mothers and their offspring for preventive examinations. 

Comprehensive diagnostics, supporting information

Our wide range of prenatal examination methods helps to monitor the course of pregnancy as well as the developmental and health status of the unborn child. Often worries can be taken away and risks can be excluded or reduced with prenatal diagnostics. If there is an increased risk of hereditary disease in the family or if other examinations indicate certain genetic changes, a DNA analysis of the child's cells can clarify whether the unborn child is affected. A genetic prenatal examination is always associated with a human genetic consultation, which informs expectant parents in detail about the planned diagnosis.

We are happy to take the time to offer advice to those seeking genetic counselling. We would like to support expectant parents to look forward to this special phase of life and to be able to enjoy it.

Frequently requested tests

Non-invasive prenatal test

First trimester screening


Prenatal diagnostic


Genetic counselling

Make informed decisions. Read more about our genetic counselling at different locations in Ingelheim, Mainz and Worms.

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