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Single gene sequencing? MLPA?


In addition to the latest high-throughput sequencing, we also offer a broad spectrum of other methods such as Sanger sequencing or MLPA (multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification) for the diagnosis of a variety of diseases and syndromes. Here you will find a selection of these analyses for the selected indication area. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you cannot find the analysis you are looking for in the list.


Gene/chromosomal region Disease Synonym(s) Method 1 Method 2 Material (if different from 3-5 ml EDTA or 1-5 µg DNA) TAT method 1 (weeks) TAT method 2 (weeks)
AZF Y Chromosome microdeletion Azoospermia Fragment analysis     2-4  
CFTR CBAVD congenital bilateral absence of vas deferens specific kit NGS/Sanger sequencing   2-3 4-6
SRY disorder of sex development   Gel electrophoresis   4-5 ml EDTA blood 2-4