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Make individual decisions

Childhood developmental delay? Several cases of cancer in one family? Abnormal first trimester screening?

These and other indications can be the reason for genetic counselling.

The intention of genetic counselling is to inform you and your relatives about all aspects of your questions in an open-ended manner. The most important thing first: Whether you have your genetic material tested after an interview is your decision. Of course, there is a right of not-to-know.

Reasons for genetic counselling may be

  • Suspicion of hereditary diseases
  • Developmental delay and / or mental retardation of the child
  • Information on prenatal diagnostics (e.g. in the case of maternal age)
  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • Abnormal findings during pregnancy (e.g. ultrasound)
  • Exposed pregnancy (e.g. medication, drugs, radiation exposure)
  • Hereditary diseases in relatives (e.g. cystic fibrosis)
  • Suspicion of a hereditary cancer in oneself or in relatives (e.g. breast or colon cancer)

How does a genetic counselling interview work?

A genetic examination raises questions. Not every carrier necessarily falls ill himself. Some tests do not provide reliable information, but only allow a risk assessment. And what precautions should be taken if the result is positive? We will discuss this with you in human genetic counselling.

The consultation lasts about an hour. Your discussion partner is a qualified specialist in human genetics with many years of experience. During a consultation, we will, among other things, create a family tree over three generations in order to identify any abnormalities in your personal and family history. In addition, we discuss with you the possibilities and limitations of genetic tests and the possible significance of the test results for your further life and family planning. You can support us here (ideally even before the appointment) with your medical findings and documents on the medical history of all family members.

Who pays for the genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling and, if necessary, subsequent human genetic laboratory analyses are paid for as standard services by the health insurance companies. For the genetic consultation, we require a referral from your attending physician.

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